If you have any questions or concerns feel free to speak to our sales representatives via Live Chat.
1. How long will it take for my order to be processed ?

-All of the online orders are processed within one business days. Shortly after the order gets processed you will receive an email notification and a phone call from one of our agents.

2. How long does the installation of the service take?

Installation appointment will be booked as soon as we receive your first month payment.

Common installation frames:
– Legacy DSL (5 business days)
– FTTN (5 business days)
– Cable (Rogers) (3 – 5 calendar days)
– Cable (Cogeco) (5 – 10 calendar days)

3. Is there any kind of contract that I would need to sign ?

– There is no contract. Our service is prepaid on the month to month basis.

4. What happens if I wish to cancel my services with you ?

– To avoid additional charges you would need to give us 30 days of notice prior to your billing date, otherwise the renewal for the subsequent month shall be processed in the normal course.

5. If I am unsatisfied with the service within a first months, can I cancel it and get a full refund?

– Service can be cancelled any time as long as we receive a prior notice from you. In some cases you will be eligible for full/partial refund depending on the circumstances.

6. How does your billing works ?

– All of our services work on a prepaid monthly basis. Therefore you will be always prepaying for upcoming month. The invoice is e-mailed to you 2 weeks prior to your due date.

7. What payments methods do you accept ?

Following payment methods are accepted:
a) Online Banking
b) Cheques
c) Credit Card (Visa/Master Card/Discover/American Express / Diners/ JCB)
d) PayPal
e) Money Orders (CanadaPost)

8. Will I receive any kind of discount if I were to prepay for a year?

Most of our services are eligible for annual prepayment discounts. Please contact our Billing Department ([email protected]) to see if your desired service is eligible for a discount.

9. Can I use my own modem ?

– Yes, you can use your own modem, as long as it is compatible with the service.

10. I don’t have a modem, will you provide me with one ?

-We don’t provide you with the equipment, however it is available for purchase or rental directly from us.

11. If I were to order a modem from you, how long will it take to receive it ?

– Modems are sent out as Regular Parcel and take up to 2-3 business days to be delivered. The modems are shipped out directly to your home. If no one is home at the time of delivery then the modem will be dropped off at your nearest postal office. You will be required to pick up your modem from the postal facility.

12. If I were to use my own modem, will it speed up an installation process ?

– No. Installation time will not vary.

13. Does RutexNet throttle file transfer protocols such as P2P or Bit Torrents ?

– We don’t throttle any bandwidth on our network.

14. Do you block 25 or any other ports ?

– We don’t block any ports on our network.

15. I Don’t have an active analogue land line, can I still get xDSL service installed my home ?

– Yes we can provide you with so called “Dry Loop” and it will act as dummy phone line which will allow us to deliver xDSL signal to your premises.

16. I don’t have any active services, can I still get your service?

-Yes. Even though we utilize existing infrastructure of major ISPs, you are not required to become their direct client.

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