What is RutexNet’s Affiliate Program?

Our Affiliate program is simple and straightforward – you help bring in customers; we pay you a generous commission for their purchases. Simply by including our promotional link on your website, or sending it to your friends, you can earn $30 commission every time a customer who referred from your link makes a RutexNet package purchase. We provide you with everything you need – logos, banners, and other advertising materials. It’s simple, easy, allows you to earn a considerable income with minimum effort and offers none of the risks and responsibilities of an actual ISP.

How do I enroll?

Simply send an email to [email protected] with the subject “Affiliate Program” and be sure to include the following:

1) Name
2) Surname
3) Full address
4) Postal code
5) Contact phone
6) Email

We’ll help set up your account,  guide you through the process and answer any possible questions you may have. We’re helpful, friendly and your success means our success, so don’t be shy – hurry and become an affiliate!

How does the program work?

Once you are accepted into the program, we email you a unique advertising code, direct links to our service pages, and a link to your Affiliate portal. The Affiliate portal contains real-time signup information (first/last name, the account status, date of signup). As an Affiliate, you advertise RutexNet services and send potential customers directly to us via RutexNet’s website. If the customer successfully signs up for our service and remains in good standing for a month, you receive a commission for that customer. We use special cookies to store information about anyone who is referred to us by your link, so even if the customer uses your link, but signs up at a later time, you will still receive the commission! You will also have access to our marketing materials including logos, Internet banners, slicks, brochures, and other materials per request.

How much money can I earn?

You will earn a one-time $30 commission payment for each new customer who orders a package via your unique Affiliate link. Setup of the Affiliate account, links, and portal is included.

When will I get paid?

Your success is our success and we want to get you paid as fast as possible. Commission payments are issued a month after the customer has signed up. Payments are sent via Paypal. The minimum payout amount is $50.

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